Shattered Treasure


Addison Morgan lost her sister because of a drunk driver. Her daddy died when she was young. Her mom is distant and emotionally unavailable. Her boyfriend is a cheating scum. On the anniversary of her sister’s death, she causes an accident that injures a teenage girl named Ami Tant. Logan Tant has a loving family, a job working as a police officer, and is about to graduate college. When his little sister, Ami, is hurt in an accident, he vows to make the driver pay. When Addison and Logan finally meet, lines are blurred, facts are lost, and only a mutual attraction seems clear. 

This book offers so much and could deliver so much more. The cover and title are excellent portrayals for what one will find between the covers. College students Addison and Logan come from different backgrounds, but both must overcome challenges of self-worth, doubts and fears. The world building is richly detailed, and the character angst is real. The story does sometimes read like a Shakespearian play with the frequent bouts of assumption that plagued Addison and particularly hotheaded Logan. There were inconsistencies with things that could have been easily cleared up but were not, or topics that could have been used as lead-ins that weren’t. Preferred words were repeated close together. Sadly, the conflicts seemed shallow compared to the high anxiety devoted to it. If Addison and Logan could have gotten their acts together, they could have developed a rich relationship before 98%. This is a Christian-based college-aged book that offers a strong promise of what a life of hope and mercy looks like.

Emerson Matthews