Seventh Born (The Talented #1)


FANTASY:  In a world where magic exists and sons are the status symbol, a seventh son is considered especially gifted by the goddess and awarded the most prestigious places in society.  Zezilia, however, was cursed to be born a girl in that seventh place. An extreme disappointment to her father, Zez still works hard to earn her family’s love and acceptance. When it is discovered that she carries a powerful gift of magic, however — one that only males are allowed to utilize — her tutor secretly teaches her how to control and encourage its power.

Hadrian was born the seventh son of a seventh son - a rare gift that puts him in line for one of the most powerful positions in the kingdom. Although capable and trained in magic, his worship of the Almighty rather than the Goddess leaves him in a very precarious position with those vying for the power he controls. There is but one person who may tip that power point in his favor: the young lady his friend and former teacher is secretly instructing. 

Now here is a clean, inspirational fantasy one can really sink their teeth into!  The storyline is creative and unique. The plot is tightly written and extremely readable.  The character of Zezilia is compassionate and sympathetic as readers watch her struggles to be accepted and loved. Hadrian’s character is equally sympathetic, although not quite as well fleshed-out — hopefully that will come in subsequent novels. The world building is also done well with a nice mixture of Medieval-type castles and lore interspersed with magic and imagination. It is a lovely start to what looks like an exciting new series!

Ruth Lynn Ritter