Seth's Secretive Bride (Matchmaker's Mix-Up Book 12)


Hannah McGibbon is running out of options in St. Louis, after the death of her father reveals debts no one knew of prior. In a moment of desperation, she applies to a matchmaking service hoping to find a husband far from home where she can escape her father’s poor reputation. Rancher Seth Temple needs a mother for his young son. Preferably one with experience with children and a disinterest in romance. Unfortunately, a simple mistake at the usually stellar matchmaking service sends Hannah to Colorado to meet Seth instead of to California to meet an assistant banker. And Seth is surprised to meet a young, red-headed beauty instead of a mature woman with a background in education. Waiting on a solution from the matchmaking company, the local pastor suggests a temporary marriage to tide them over, but the match neither wanted, just might not be a mistake after all.

A western matchmaking romance with a Christian flair, “Seth’s Secretive Bride” is everything a reader expects from this genre. A small town, a simple mix up, and a romance waiting to happen, this story only adds an adorable but emotionally traumatized boy to the usual mix. Those looking for unique or original components to the plot won’t really find them, and the romance seems to be based more on instant attraction than personality, but fortunately, the pace, minor conflict, and cute characters make up for the lack of original features. Furthermore, the interactions between the temporary family warm the heart even as Seth and Hannah struggle toward happiness. Overall, readers who enjoy western romance with light plots and guaranteed happy endings will want to read this book!

Sarah Bradley