Second Time Promise (Decisions Book Three)

Shirley Kiger

HISTORICAL:  Collette Moreau is nervously embarking on a new chapter in her life, after years of waiting for her beau, Neville Dewey to finally propose and living with her hyper-critical guardian Darnell. Her ailing uncle Edgar has asked her to come to Virginia to care for him.  In order to get to Virginia from New Orleans, she has to ride with her brother’s friend, Christian Jordan, in his new motorcar.  It promises novel adventure, but spending time with this good-looking but infuriating man will undoubtedly lead to strife.  Beneath mutual enmity is a kernel of attraction and possible love between Collette and Christian present?  Will differing levels of faith in God be an issue in the end?


“Second Time Promise” is a historical inspirational romance with a good sense of time/place, set at the turn of the century.  The author establishes historical details that feel accurate.  Collette is thoughtful with a kind heart.  While Christian is likable, his faith issues don’t make sense. They have good chemistry evident in their interactions.  However, their love bond is underdeveloped until the very end of the story.  Another issue was the borderline offensive portrayal of Collette’s black maid, Lila May.  Her mannerisms read as unflattering stereotypes of an uneducated black person, when more subtlety could have easily conveyed her personality without potentially offending a reader.  The novel drags due to a lack of sufficient conflict and uneven pacing.  Despite its shortcomings, readers looking for a historical inspirational romance may enjoy it.


Danielle Hill