Second Chance Kisses- Echo Ridge Anthology #4

Lucy McConnell, Janette Rallison, Heather Tullis,
Cami Checketts, Rachelle J Christensen

Do you recall your first love? Have you wondered what would happen if you had another chance to mend a broken heart or find the love you lost? Come to Echo Ridge in this best-selling author collection of clean novellas and find out.

A fine collection of stories, that each revolve around the citizens of Echo Ridge and the first three deal with assorted groups who are building their float for the annual Homecoming parade. Readers are sure to enjoy the recipes at end of each story. Overall, each story was enjoyable. Most of the stories suffered from typos, missing words, and awkward sentence structure that more editing would have caught. “A Brand New Second Chance” has a distinctive voice that reads much like a new adult/college story, though it suffers from irregular pacing and too many metaphors. It would be difficult for the reader not to root for Wyatt in “A Perfect Fit”, and quickly be drawn into the character’s plight. “Almost Home” is another new-adult awakening story, very pleasant to read with enjoyable characters though it has a few missing words. “Change of Plans” is filled with college angst and first/second love within the small town expectations. Although an engaging story, it suffers from minor errors like wrong pronouns and punctuation. “Coming Home” is sure to be a favorite, showing a true sense of humor in voice. Likewise, it suffers from spelling and punctuation errors, however, Billy was so sweet and Oliver so darling, it might be easy to overlook. The reader will enjoy how the main characters of each story make supporting visits in others. While listed as Christian fiction, only Coming Home made Christian references. Just like the residents of Echo Ridge, the stories are one big, linked, and happy family!

Emerson Matthews