Season of Hope

Sara Jane

Amanda Jarvis lives on an isolated mountain with the house next door being vacant. There are no kids her age around.  She prays the house will be filled with a friend preferably a girl, but when it ends up being a boy, she is okay with it. Tyler Armstrong and his mom fit right in with Amanda's family, and they grow up together. As high school graduation nears the reality that they are going to part ways is hard for them. Tyler recognizes that his feelings for Amanda have grown. As he goes into the military, she goes to New York where she becomes a model managed by her overambitious aunt, Phoebe. Amanda and Tyler try to figure out how they can keep their relationship going with both of them chasing their dreams.

“Season of Hope” is a coming of age story that is encouraging and refreshing, with a hint of romance. It's sweet that Amanda is so accepting of Tyler at the beginning, and he is just as accepting of her. The relationship between the two is comfortable and radiates off the pages. The supporting characters add intricacy. The small-town setting in the beginning is cozy. The conflict that ensues with whether or not they will become something more is interesting. Their journey encompasses a long passage of time that could have been a little more condensed and focused. The storyline is a bit scattered, and the pacing is disjointed. A favorite romance trope is sure to delight many.

Jessica Samuelsen