Season of Deception (The Seasons, Book 2)

Sara Jane

Amanda Jarvis has a successful career as a model. Yet, the day her childhood friend and long-time crush, Tyler, kisses her and leaves her before deploying as a Navy Seal, Amanda is crushed. Phoebe Garrison doesn’t want her only niece settling for a nobody like Tyler, when she could have someone like the protective billionaire Eric Bridwell. Using Tyler’s deployment to her advantage, Phoebe intercepts phone calls and letters, leaving Amanda adrift. Eric isn’t going to waste a second at a chance with the beautiful woman with a heart of gold. As things develop between Amanda and Eric, Tyler is left alone and uncertain if his best friend has moved on. When Phoebe’s meddling comes to light Amanda has a choice to make, the man she’s loved since childhood, or the man who has supported her as an adult?

A dramatic contemporary romance, “Season of Deception” picks right up where the previous book leaves off. That said, the romance in this book is done in such a way as to make the ending almost unforgivable. The romance between Amanda and Tyler all takes place in book one, whereas Eric and Amanda come together in this book so well that readers will be forced to choose Team Tyler or Team Eric. The problem is that the conflict feels forced in places and doesn’t feel resolved. Further the “bad guy” feels unnecessary. Still, the overall plot is well done and readers will find this book worth adding to their to-read list.

Sarah E Bradley