Scions of Azazyel: War in Heaven


PARANORMAL/SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  Archangels Gabriel and Raphael are on a mission to find the children of Azazyel before the Battle of Armageddon hits.  This mission takes them to the surface of Earth, to its depths and beyond, facing many perils along the way.  As their journey takes them from one danger to the next, they pick up an interesting band of characters, from humans to gnomes, dwarves and a fairy.  The closer they get to finding Azazyel the more dangerous their task becomes, ultimately leading them back to the garden where it all started.  R.K. Wheeler mixes mythology, religion, and many different beings and races into one story creating a new world to explore beneath the Earth.

An interesting take on mythology and religion, “Scion of Azazyel” takes the reader on a journey beyond the realm of Earth and back again.  The deep research into Greek mythology and Christianity is evident throughout the story; however, Mr. Wheeler rarely makes each story his own.  The plot line in the beginning seems clear enough, find Azazyel before the vampires, but the farther into the story, everything becomes muddled, leaving the reader wondering where the story is going.  The biggest strikes against the story are the countless typos and an obvious lack of editing, giving the impression of a first draft not a final manuscript.  In the midst of the flaws, with an intriguing premise, Mr. Wheeler has the potential for creating an interesting new series.

Amy Cefoldo