Sapphire Promise: Based on a true story of loyalty, trust, and unfailing love


A coming-of-age story based on the true-life events of Annika (Iris) Wolter, from age 15, to her whirlwind romance to Phillip, lieutenant in the Army, through the WW II years that separated them and sent Annika and her mother to a Japanese internment camp, and finally to her post-war reunion with her husband, Phillip. Though Annika and Phillip only share a few pages of togetherness, Annika’s emotions and actions run deep to honor the promise she and Phillip made to one another before the war intervened. The family also struggled when her father and brothers were called to serve and then remaining members Annika and her mom were sent to the camp. Annika’s courage and bravery during their prison years is impressive and makes Annika a true heroine of WWII.

This would make a fantastic read for a book club! Ms. Brandle presents her readers a well-researched and compelling story set in Batavia, Dutch East Indies starting in 1939 and during Japan’s occupation in World War II. Annika’s daring, intelligence, and sheer determination will endear her to many readers. The story is only mired by editing errors, a rushed ending that steals away from the long-awaited for lovers’ reunion, and limited scene descriptions. Initially it seemed Annika had too much internal monologue, but it soon balanced out. POV and conflict are strictly all Annika’s throughout the book. Fans of historical WWII stories and stories based on true life events will thoroughly enjoy this book and cheer for Annika and her family!

Emerson Matthews