Santiago’s in Trouble


Vivienne is a barista and aspiring writer. Jacoby is a security guard and has recently been the target of racial attacks. Vivienne has a penchant for getting herself into trouble while researching and writing Santiago’s scenes. Santiago is the main character of Vivienne’s book.  Jacoby has his hands full trying to keep his job, solve the mystery of an unexpected inheritance, and cope with his variety of eclectic, estranged or inspiring family and friends. Joining the newfound Christian Superhero neighborhood watch group will either be the glue that holds his spinning world together or will be the final straw that brings it all down around him. 

This is a light mystery-romance between Vivienne and Jacoby, told from Jacoby’s point of view.  Its bones are solid, though several issues kept it from being a better story. Descriptions and settings are lacking, so it can be difficult to get a clear picture of what people look like and where the scenes are taking place, although without written imageries, readers can fully let their imaginations run. The story is slow to build, not coming into its own until around the middle part. Dialogue is redundant and drags down the storyline. Finally, the length of the story could have easily allowed more character building and depth, plus conflict and romance for the characters. Aside from that, “Santiago’s in Trouble” is a lighthearted look of finding love when one does not expect it. 

Emerson Matthews