Sadie (Pendleton Promises Book 1)


Sadie Thorsen is a physician in Pendleton, Oregon, in the year 1917. As the First World War breaks out, she feels she needs to help and travels to France to treat the injured soldiers. Her fiancé, Harley John Hobbs, is conscripted to fight. This story is inspired by the true stories of those who served in WWI. “Sadie” is also part of the Pendleton Petticoats series by Shanna Hatfield. Sadie and Harley John correspond via writing letters, sharing in their daily slices of life, waiting until the war is over and they can return to Pendleton to begin their lives together. Along the way, Sadie befriends a young street urchin named Faustin and makes friends with soldiers, nurses, and many others she encounters.  

This is a beautifully written story, thoroughly researched, and accurately portrayed by memorable characters. Minor issues held this back from a higher rating. The first time any particular event happened, readers experience it through the protagonist’s point of view. Then the event was retold to another character, sometimes several different characters, with an almost verbatim retelling. This ‘telling’ dragged the story down. And while the main character’s conflicts were clear, the story sometimes felt dry. Emotions seemed shallow instead of the angst and emotion that the two separated, sacrificing lovers should feel. Aside from these, readers who enjoy stories based on reality will be in for a treat. Young Faustin stole the show several times over.  “Sadie” delivers a powerful book of courage, resiliency, faith, hope, family, and love. 

Emerson Matthews