Sacred Gift (Book 2 Sacred Journey Series)

Karen Hulene

PARANORMAL:  While Angela Maria is still in the womb, her birth mother and adoptive mother dream of her connections to an Aztec goddess and Our Lady of Guadalupe. Angela, the product of a successful open adoption, has had the ability to see spirits since infancy. After turning 18 she stops hiding her abilities; as a result, she’s able to connect the living with the dead. As a freshman at UT in San Antonio, she’s introduced to a wild roommate named Devlyn, an art major who survived being aborted by her drug-addicted mother, the woman who died in the process. The two roommates have two different personas:  light and dark, spiritual vs. non-spiritual. 


This is a beautiful story of survival—rich with redemption, forgiveness, and love! It visits two of the choices women have when faced with unexpected pregnancies. Abortions can leave the mothers with feelings of guilt, anger, and bitterness. Choosing adoption can leave the mother with a different sense of heartbreak and loss. Characters alternate in the spotlight, but Angela is the hub, with her spiritual connections playing key roles in the story. At times the story drags, feeling more like a history lesson touching on Religion, Art, Architecture, and Solar Geometry in connection to Franciscan friars and their design of Mission churches in Texas hill country. Flashbacks proved slightly confusing, making re-entry to the storyline somewhat awkward. Overall though, it’s informative and entertaining, with a positive ending. Hats off to Karen Bartell for a job well-done!  


Lori Leger