Ruth: The Rescued Bride (A West Texas Frontier Trilogy Book 1)


HISTORICAL:  Ruth MacDonald has suffered a great deal during the past two years of her life. Her family ranch was attacked by Comanches, resulting in the destruction of her childhood home, the death of her family, and her captivity. Forced to live as one of them, she eventually finds herself pregnant. Then the raid from the U.S. Cavalry happens and she is finally free, but at the cost of her newborn son. Upon recovery, she meets her rescuer, Jacob Wells, a young man who is born of a Comanche mother and a soldier father, and she clings to him for support. A series of unfortunate events leads Ruth to wonder how to begin her new life after so much tragedy has transpired. Is that new life with Jacob? Or must she get as far away from Texas as possible?

Hebby Roman’s world is well built and researched, from medical treatments to small details like clothing; readers are transported to frontier times. Ruth as a heroine is a woman to root for. Her emotions are real, and her strength admirable as she does her best to sort through all the circumstances thrown at her. Jacob in comparison is a bit flatter, but plays his role of supporting character well, balancing Ruth with his gentleness and patience. While elements of the story feel rushed, overall “Ruth: The Rescued Bride” is a nicely paced story that makes for a light, feel-good, sweet historical romance.

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