The Rose Ring


Sky would be all alone in the world if it weren’t for Carl Johnson, owner of the diner where she works.  He and his late wife treated her as the daughter they always wanted, and they were the parents she never really had.  No one is more surprised than Sky when man of her dreams Micah Cooper asks if she’ll marry him in order to fulfill the requirements of his grandfather’s will and keep the family ranch. Sky has been in love with Micah since high school and agrees to his proposition, even though it will be a marriage of convenience only.  Things start to heat up when Micah gives his new bride her first kiss after they are married.


This is a beautiful story of innocence and blooming of a new love. All of the characters have depth and elicit emotion from the reader. Another major player is Morgan, Micah’s ex-girlfriend who moves back to town, causing much angst for Sky - which Micah can’t understand. The reader becomes very involved in this story and can see both sides when Micah and Sky have a conflict. Their feelings are valid, fresh, and very believable. The plot of getting married to fulfill a will has been done before, but Ms. Ulrich uses unique plot twists to make it her own. This is a fun story that may remind the reader of some of their younger days of angst and the beauty that follows if one is patient enough.


Belinda Wilson