The Rood (The Marylanders Book 1)

Donna Hechler

HISTORICAL:  Thomas McQueen returns home after two years of executing vengeance on those who killed his wife and child. Expecting to find his family, he instead finds a young woman trying to bury her brother. After helping her, he decides he cannot leave her alone, and brings her along to Baltimore Town where his family has fled. Elizabeth does not know if she can trust Thomas, but she has a hidden past as well. She is half-British and half Acadian and is not accepted in the town. Thomas does all he can to protect her from those who would harm her, but  his past soon catches up with him. He knows what he must do, but leaving Elizabeth turns out to be more difficult than he imagined. 

"The Rood" takes the reader right into the heart of the French and Indian War. Danger is rampant and no one can be trusted. The history is wonderfully accurate and the writing immerses the reader in this treacherous world. The characters are well written and developed, with pasts that really affect their decisions throughout the story. However, there are points where the pace dragged on a bit. The characters do not trust each other and that subject comes up quite frequently. However, it is clear that Elizabeth and Thomas are captivated with one another. Not only are they passionately in love with each other, but they lean on their beliefs to help them through all the adversity they face. Readers will love watching this beautiful romance overcome all odds!

Amanda Hupe