Robin’s Reward (Bonita Creek Trilogy #1)

June McCrary

Robin is a valued member of Bonita Creek. As the town’s librarian, she coordinates many community activities that engage the townspeople in support of their library. She’s creative, thoughtful, and loved by her neighbors. But a dark cloud of mistrust hangs over Robin’s head - one that she can’t seem to shake. So when love presents itself in the form of Jeff Clarke she’s more than a little wary, especially when a concerned citizen continues to warn her away from him.


Jeff is in a sticky situation. He’s beginning to fall for the vibrant Robin, but holds a secret that would ruin any chances for a relationship with her. He completely understands her misgivings and reluctance, yet resolves to persevere. But will any amount of good intentions be able to stand against the warnings of a concerned citizen set on sabotaging his efforts?


“Robins Reward” is as rich as a triple-layered chocolate cake—every detail meticulously constructed to create a decadent dessert. Ms. Jacobs successfully forms a three-dimensional environment that allows the reader to experience her story. Unfortunately, this amount of thoroughness severely bogs down the book’s pacing. Additionally, the main characters didn’t behave or “speak” like twenty-somethings. With the change of age from twenties to maybe . . . forties or fifties, their actions and speech would be more believable. These elements, however, won’t deter every reader, especially those with a love for attention to detail. 


Sofia St. Angeles