The River Girl’s Song (Texas Woman of Spirit #1)

Angela C.

HISTORICAL:  When Zillia’s mother dies in childbirth she is left Zillia to raise her baby brother and protect her father’s farm from ruin by her useless stepfather. However, her father’s farm was never meant to be worked by a sixteen year old girl alone. With the help of her best friends, Soonie and Wylder, Zillia might be able to survive as long as she keeps moving forward. When troubles keep mounting will her stubbornness be the end of her, or will God send miracles in answer to her prayers?


A historical Christian novella, “The River Girl’s Song” is a tale of steady determination. Zillia is a girl wise beyond her years. The story is a "slice of life" tale, all about how her farm, the town’s attempts to help, and how she takes care of her brother with a tiny bit of romance thrown in. The story stretches over several years and does occasionally skip chunks of time without much warning. The romance is also predictable and not really present until the last few chapters. The conflict with Zillia’s step father does provide a bit of tension but is usually resolved quickly. "The River Girl's Song" is a clean, inspirational story of survival in the time of the Old West, with a bit of happily-ever-after romance thrown in.


Sarah E. Bradley