Right Time for Love


Brandy Wyne understood that a new job would mean a new town, new neighbours, and a new adventure. It was a welcome changeespecially when it meant she could leave her ex behind. What she didnt plan on, however, was her old house (with its equally old pipes) yielding a handsome plumber.

Gavin the plumber and his adorable niece wriggle their way into Brandys heart, but shes not sure she can handle the added strain. See, Brandy has a handful of her own -a mischievous mother whos on the verge of a second stroke. With that daunting challenge, extensive plumbing repairs, and the pressures of a new job, there is only so much more she can take.

Right Time for Loveis a sweet heart-warming story chuck full of old-time hospitality, current-day challenges, and the will for love to conquer all. With intelligent writing and warm-and-fuzzy characters, its an easy-going ride. Numerous lines of conflict, though, seemed to be a few too many. Some were a bit farfetched and a few were simply unnecessary, taking away from a sturdy story foundation. Some readers may enjoy the variety, but the simple love story felt bogged down by a barrage of obstacles. Other than that, Right Time for Lovepresents a rich story ripe with inspiration and kindness, reminding us that simple hometown goodness and a dash of romance go a long, long way.

Sofia St. Angeles