Rescuing the Rancher (Summer Creek, Book 2)


Jossy Jansen is a bitter widow. She immediately dislikes the city slicker lawyer, Nathaniel Knight, who is helping her sister-in-law with rejuvenating Summer Creek, the Walk Through 1910 project. Too bad he can’t take his eyes off her. He returns to the city, but not before stealing a mind blowing kiss from Jossy. Obsessed with the dark haired beauty and with some persuasion, he goes back to Summer Creek while Jossy’s brother, Hud, and his wife, Emery, go out of town. Nathaniel helps Jossy with chores on her ranch while Hud is gone. Nathaniel, in his city attire of polo shirt and khakis, gets filthy, but never gives up, earning Jossy’s begrudging respect. During this time, strange things start to happen. Jossy is locked in the tack room. Food and clothes go missing, and a man claiming to be Jossy’s dead husband’s son has contacted her, claiming the ranch. Nathaniel offers his help. 

“Rescuing the Rancher” is a sweet story leaving the reader feeling good after reading it. The characters are all well-written and described, making it is easy to imagine them. The level of mischief is perfect to keep the reader on their toes, and humor is inserted in all the right places. This is a fish out of water story with Nathaniel being painfully out of his element, but he learns to adapt quickly. Jossy’s emotions are way over the top to the point of being unreasonable. The deceit seen in the story is comical, lending another level to the tale. A very enjoyable read, Ms. Hatfield creatively crafts a world of mystery and romance. 

Belinda Wilson