Remembering Christmas (Rodeo Romance Book 9)


Trevor King has his hands full running the King Penny Ranch and keeping his only two relatives, a sister and an active octogenarian aunt out of trouble. He doesn’t have time for serious romance, and no matchmaking efforts can match the sparks he felt for the unknown woman he kissed in Vegas. Mykah Wagner has spent years focusing on her career with Creekdale Enterprises and pretending she never grew up on a dairy farm. When she arrives in Eastern Washington on her latest assignment, she discovers that the charming urban location she expected is in fact very reminiscent of her childhood but with the handsome cowboy she’d kissed and never forgotten living locally. She’s determined to focus on work, except the longer she stays, the more the residents, the region and Trevor begin to remind her of the best things from her past she’d forgotten and what she could have again.

A sweet and wholesome romance, “Remembering Christmas” is a holiday read that is good all year round. As a later book in the series, it features many cameos from former books but can stand alone as Trevor and Mykah find family with one another. Featuring a handsome and caring cowboy and a career driven city girl, fans of this genre will find this book meets expectations and provides a slow pace, plenty of sparks between the lead characters, but a clean romance with minimal conflict. In short, this book is very Hallmark worthy. Sweet with plenty of eye candy but with few surprises. Overall, it’s perfect for fans of this genre and only adds fun to the series.

Sarah E Bradley