Reify (Seahaven’s Orphan Mystery Book 3)


YOUNG ADULT: Michael is the teen protagonist readers follow throughout the story. To make sense of much of the references and backstory, it is recommended to read books 1 & 2 first. Michael’s father had made the Vanish costume in book one to help his son survive on the rough docks of Lowtown, where orphans sometimes go missing. Michael is now an orphan himself and relies on his Vanish skills. Some friends know who his alter ego is, some do not. Book 3 finds him “loaned out” to the Constabulary: a young orphan is missing, and a string of crimes committed with Vanish seem to blame. Michael had been ready to set aside Vanish, but he still needs the skills and reputation to find the kidnapped children, clear his name, and convince the skeptical Constabulary he’s not a criminal.

Michael is a appealing character readers will swiftly get behind and cheer! God, and Michael’s growing awareness and relationship with God, feels heavily factored into the storylines. Various sub-plots, weaving through each plot, are full of conflict for everyone. Lives, reputations, and more are on the line. The story doesn’t work well as a standalone so readers may be confused by names, settings, and backstory. Excess punctuation errors and typos might detract from smooth reading. The story is highly creative and the language is as one might expect for early twentieth-century London. Michael’s voice is spot-on for a frustrated and typical teen-ager. It is exciting to see him grow and mature into a solid, dependable, young man of God and reluctant hero. Read the series and prepare to be entertained and inspired!

Emerson Matthews