Rachel Laine (The Women of Merryton #3)


Rachel Laine’s identical twin sister Sydney died in childbirth and left behind her son, Drew. From the moment she saw him, Rachel was in love with the little boy and she deigned to adopt and raise him as her own. Their life was non-eventful until Drew turned eight and professional baseball player Andrew Turner showed up, claiming to be his father. Andrew possessed a letter from Sydney that had some damning information and he was willing to make things right for Drew and Rachel. He had planned on being a father to Drew, but he hadn’t planned on falling in love with Rachel.

Rachel is everything one wants to see in a mother. She is loving, compassionate, and loyal to a fault. This lady will do anything to ensure that her son gets what is best for him, even if it is a father who has been absent for the first eight years of his life. Andrew is a typical new father. He does his best, but doesn’t realize that a child needs his father all the time, not just when it is convenient for Andrew. "Rachel Laine" has a thought-provoking storyline, but it is hard to believe at times. At some times the story drags, like when Andrew is on the campaign trail. The sexual tension between characters, however, is delicious and makes up for any slowness. This also keeps the reader engaged - waiting to see what will happen next between these tightly-coiled characters. A good, clean read that can be enjoyed by all ages.

Belinda Wilson