Powerless Consent

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The setting is Carmel, California, where Tom and Kate Ballard have been invited to a black tie gala aboard old college friend's Rick Powell's yacht.  Rick Powell's company has hit the big time manufacturing a video surveillance feature that works through cell phones.  It's a pleasant evening until Rick reveals his true psychopathic nature and kidnaps Kate, demanding she reject Tom so he can keep her with him forever.  If Kate tells anyone what Rick has done, he'll not hesitate to use video surveillance and a sniper to kill her entire family.  Kate is the prisoner of a psychopath, with nothing left except her faith in God.
Rick's assistant Callie smells a rat, and she begins to investigate the sudden presence of this mysterious woman in Rick's life.  She and Tom eventually find each other and work together to discover Rick's plans, solve a murder, and bring Rick to justice.   As the CIA gets involved, Callie discovers the true facts surrounding her father's death and the development of the video surveillance technology.
Janet Nash writes a page-turning romance mystery novel, with a fascinating twist on the use of technology.  The plot has lots of unexpected developments, so the the reader is never sure what to expect!  Rick Powell is an intense character and his relationship with Kate is particularly riveting.  "Powerless Consent" will undoubtably keep readers on the edge of their seats, hoping Tom and Kate will be reunited, Callie will find answers, and Rick will get what he deserves!

Victoria Z. Burg