Phoenix Of The Heart


It’s the 80s and computers are strictly for nerds. Facebook doesn’t exist, but Bulletin Board Systems (BBSs) do. Beth really isn’t interested in all of that—until she’s introduced to The Lighthouse, and—more importantly—its SysOp, The Keeper. The Lighthouse becomes a new obsession for Beth (or Phoenix as she’s known on the BBSs) and The Keeper becomes more enchanting by the day. When The Keeper decides to throw a party for all the members of The Lighthouse, Beth can’t wait to see what all of her online friends look like—especially its host.  Beth finds herself falling hard for the tall, dark, and handsome SysOp—until he drops a bomb. How does Phoenix feel about God?


“Phoenix Of The Heart” is truly inspirational and packs an emotional punch. Unfortunately, the pacing is thrown off when too much time is spent on the menial tasks of the main character. The impactful scenes are well-written, but it simply takes too long to get from one to the next. The message of hope is beautiful and heartfelt but would make so much more of a statement if it was the focus rather than just another cog in the works. The 80s theme is original and fun, especially the first days of computers and the flashbacks to the important events of the day, but in the end it wasn’t enough to carry it though. 


Sofia St. Angeles