Of Peaks and Prairies (Paradise Valley Book 1)


HISTORICAL:  Genevieve Waters-Ewing is being forced to marry a scoundrel! Her step-father wants nothing more than to be rid of her, and Genny refuses to be anyone’s punching bag. She runs away and hides herself on a wagon headed, she hopes, far away from Fort Worth, Texas. Thomas O’Reilly wants nothing more than to prove his worth to his father. So, when he finds himself returning to Montana with a herd of longhorn cattle, Thomas decides he doesn’t have time for a wayward, married woman. When Genny refuses to leave, Thomas relents just so they can make it to Montana before the first snowfall. Between Indian attacks, Jayhawkers, and a budding romance, Thomas and Genny wonder if they will make it to Paradise Valley in one piece. 


Vivi Holt has started a Western romance series with tall cowboys, wild Indians, longhorn cattle, covered wagons, and wide open spaces. Ms. Holt’s plot is similar to many other Western Romances and her characters are what readers have come to expect from these types of stories. Some readers may find that they can relate to her cast of characters but, for the most part, they are strictly fictitious. “Of Peaks and Prairies” is a story that is well written and is historically correct but lacks a unique plot to set itself away from others in the same genre. Readers can still enjoy “Of Peaks and Prairies” in one afternoon and may find themselves excited by the prospect of more books to come. 

Mary-Nancy Smith