Paper Love


Joss is back from Papua New Guinea and staying with her dad and sister. Ever since the death of her mother, she can’t seem to find her place. Her best friend helps her by getting her out and about to mingle with other singles in their town and as they live near Chicago, there are many options. However, when Joss sees her best friend's brother Ben, there is a sudden attraction. She’s in no hurry to date again, but Ben is determined. He takes his time to plan and not scare Joss away. With the encouragement from his sister and a newfound pet, he may just have a chance.

This is a very sweet love story. The characters are easy to like and the supporting characters have a lot to do with this couple having a chance at a relationship. Ben’s sister is Joss’ best friend and does a great job staying neutral. The pigeon that befriends Ben is a warm touch. The flirty personality that Ben is portrayed as having is an eye opener. Readers will appreciate the realization he comes to and decides to rectify his character. Joss and her family are survivors and are portrayed as such, very identifiable. This is a clean and entertaining read - and the editing error of a duplicate chapter is unfortunate. Skip over it and keep reading. The ending more than makes up for the gaffe in this holiday charmer!

Viola Robins