The Nun and the Narc


SUSPENSE: Novice Sister Margret Mary O’Conner is a magnet for trouble.  Mother Superior is always saying she is far too impetuous. Margret suspects the elder nun’s assessment must be accurate when her mission trip to Mexico soon lands her in the clutches of the local drug cartel. Trying to protect a young boy from a life of crime, Margret is swept into the undercover operation of DEA officer Jed Bond. Margret is like no other nun Jed has ever seen.  No nun could possibly respond to his kiss like that. She challenges his views and steals his heart as the two fight for survival. 

This novel hits the ground running and never lets up!  Margret and Jed are captured, escape, out-smart criminals, save a few lives, get captured again and risk their lives for each other. The romance keeps the reader guessing and wondering how the match could ever possibly work out while simultaneously hoping that it will. Through several intense scenes the reader connects to the character’s emotions and struggles. Their Christian faith, though handled very differently, shines through. Margret is faced with lying, stealing and murder in order to save herself and those she loves. The way she handles these challenges is both inspiring and realistic, making the reader feel her turmoil. The heroine is spunky, funny, impulsive and very likable while the hero has the blend of strength and tenderness women love. This book is a superbly written page-turner that is extremely difficult to put down! 

Stephenia McGee