Nowhere For Christmas


Avery is a journalist on the verge of realizing her dream: her column has just been given the green light to be syndicated.  Her editor has sent her on a tour of small towns for story ideas and although excited, Avery doesn’t care for having to work over Christmas.  Nor does she agree with having to take a photojournalist with her. Avery is usually the one in charge of her life, especially when it includes her son Eli. Gavin is a loner for a reason, so when he is forced to spend his time with a journalist and her teenage son, he isn’t real excited. When the one day trip turns into three days and Murphy’s law (when something bad can happen, it will) comes into play throughout their entire trip, they all realize that their trip to Nowhere, OK just might be the best Christmas they have ever had.


Heather Grey is an artist with words! She breathes life into her characters and makes her readers feel like a part of the action. When her characters are struggling with huge life choices or are faced with tough decisions, readers are cheering them on. When her characters are having awesome days or are celebrating small victories, readers cannot wait to find out what will happen next. Spending more time with details would be a great way to improve an already wonderful story. Seeing it on the big screen would only make it perfect.


Mary-Nancy Smith