Not Quite an Angel (Decisions #4

Shirley Kiger

HISTORICAL:  Betrothal. It would be an arrangement between families who were lifelong friends. Convenient and logical, it would finally bind the two families together. It was the perfect solution—for everyone but Daphne. She had to do something, and convincing her mother that a trip to visit her brother in San Francisco seemed a lovely solution. It wasn’t the most proper place for a young woman of her age, but her brother was a minister. What could possibly go wrong?

Sir Geoffrey William Wentworth was the catch who refused to be caught. Yes, his father had instructed him to find a bride before returning home to England, but he could always fall back on the woman everyone expected him to marry. She wouldn’t mind if he fulfilled his desires elsewhere. It would be an arrangement of convenience.

With shots of faith and hope injected regularly, “Not Quite an Angel” administers a cure for the jaded heart. A sweet tale of trial and triumph, it renews and strengthens the ties from man to God while presenting the reader with a charming story along the way. Some of the segues are a little dizzying, but a jack-in-the-box plot twist and fun characters outshine any hiccups. Engaging historical events and elements bring to life this inspiring journey, encouraging the reader to explore its pages.   

Sofia St. Angeles