My Sweet Danish Rose

Tina Peterson

HISTORICAL:  In 1863 Berta Erichsen's family plans to immigrate to America and join the other Mormons settling in Utah.  Berta is fifteen years old and very definitely has a mind of her own - and she impulsively decides to stay behind to help an aunt. Little does she know her adventure is just beginning; she will encounter betrayal, cruelty, enmity, fear and a love unlike any she has ever known.  


Tina Peterson Scott's second novel continues the story begun in "Farewell, My Denmark", set amidst pilgrimage of Danish Mormons to America.  It is interesting to see how Berta grows and matures after being away from her family for so long. Her faith grows in the face of adversity. She also realizes that there is a difference between feelings for a childhood sweetheart and that of a more mature love - one is a short term relationship, while the other is for a lifetime. What spoils the story are the missing words that were in abundance. One extra edit would have made a world of difference. That being said, it’s a nice story with a unique plot and plot complications.


Belinda Wilson