My Name Is Bryan

Stacy Lynn

Life can change on a dime. Or in this case, a dive. After cliff diving on a summer rafting trip, Bryan’s life is inexorably altered. He could—like many faced with similar challenges—bemoan his fate, deny his circumstances, or simply give up. Not Bryan. His indomitable spirit spurs him to try harder, do more, and surpass expectations.

As with all of us, just when one trial is overcome, it seems we’re beset with yet another. Physical challenges are one thing Bryan understands, but matters of the heart are a whole different ball of wax. When two women’s hearts are on the line, Bryan may be faced with a task he isn’t equipped to handle.

“My Name Is Bryan” is the heartwarming story of a will that won’t be thwarted and a spirit that chooses to soar. Knowing this book is closely based on a true story makes it all the more compelling. In fact, one wonders if this story would have been better served as a biography. As a novel, it feels a bit heavy and frustrating for the reader. As a biography, it may have lent it even more of the tremendous story of victory it deserves. Not only as the story of Bryan, but that of Nedra, as well. Either way, it’s a lovely tale of triumph that inspires all who read it.

Sofia St. Angeles