The Movement of Crowns Series (Movement of Crowns #1-3)

Nadine C.

EPIC FANTASY:  Being born female in a kingdom hoping for a male heir can make a girl feel like a huge disappointment. Princess Constance has done everything in her power to change that view. She’s traveled to distant lands, spent countless hours in study, and served her people well. Despite her efforts, all anyone seems to want from her is the next male heir.   

Naona was taken from her home, without a choice, to serve her king as his mistress. It’s not a life she would have chosen, but she refuses to let it define her. Tutoring with the apothecary has brought her much joy, but when her king gives her a ring, she can only see it as a ticket to her freedom.

The screaming king:  he’s not exactly the ruler his people were looking for. After all, who arranges scream parties? Alexander knew he’d be king someday, but did it have to be so soon? He loves his people, and knows his methods are a little . . . unconventional, but they may just save the lives of his subjects.

“The Movement of Crowns Series” is the tale of a fanciful kingdom, peopled by unconventional characters, born with the will to make a difference. The “gifts” of certain characters could be better defined, but Keels does a stellar job weaving the lives and challenges of her characters together. With formal writing, this isn’t a face-paced, easy-going read, but rewards the reader handsomely with its inspirational messages. 

Sofia St. Angeles