More Precious Than Gold


Louisa White’s situation has changed for the worst over the past year since her father died and left her family with little but faith in the Lord. However, the challenges of working for a living, and fear of her friends discovering that she no longer is of the same class, is burdening Louisa to the point of despair.  Andrew McBride never thought of Louisa as anything other than his sister’s friend, but after striking out on his own he is seeing her in a different light. He wants to help Louisa and explore the new feelings she inspires but will she return them? Will the struggles in the Swedenborgian church destroy the foundation Louisa relies on, or will they find new strength to grow?


A clean religious romance, “More Precious Than Gold” explores the early history of the Swedenborgian church and the romance between a young couple who grew up as friends and must learn to see each other as the adults they’ve become. This is a feel-good read in an early American setting and can be enjoyed by lovers of romance and religious fiction without one or the other distracting or overwhelming the light story. The basic romance and story are not anything new or particularly deep, but the book is enjoyable and fits a lazy afternoon.


Sarah E. Bradley