Moonlight Cove: Love on the Beach Book 1

MYSTERY: Introverted Brenley Baker is asked by her extroverted grandmother, Mimi, to come to the family beachfront home, called Moonlight Cove, in Seaside, Oregon, for the summer. Reluctantly, Brenley agrees and arrives at the cottage while Mimi happens to be out. Almost immediately, the local policeman, Captain Jake Adams, surprises her when he looks in the window of what he assumed was an empty building. Jake was chasing a murder suspect and thought of checking the vacant cottage when he accidentally startled the lovely granddaughter of the owner. Soon he finds himself hoping Brenley will spend more than just the summer in Seaside. But first, before he can get too involved with her, he must solve the murder of the dead undercover policeman who drifted ashore on Brenley’s first night in town.
Has the winter blues already got you wishing for a sun-drenched beach vacay? With great characterization and a strong plotline, this book will have readers wanting to pack their bags for Seaside and Moonlight Cove. There could be more conflict, both within and between the main protagonists, but pacing, character motivation, and technical skills show a talented author. Jamie, the young runaway, is a pivotal part of the murder and is wholesome and easy to root for. She needs more page time to fully develop. The slow burn between Brenley and Jake is sweet to witness. Readers who want an entertaining tale that is a generous amount of mystery, plenty of intrigue, and with a dash of Shanna Hatfield’s famous humor will want to grab this book by a proven author!
Emerson Matthews