A Melody for James (Song of Suspense #1)


At the lowest point of her life, country music singer Melody Mason meets James Montgomery, who is desperately trying to move past his own tragedy. Recognizing the sadness in each other they share a day of airline delays getting to know each other.  But, all too soon, life takes a drastic turn leaving Melody with only a memory of the man she can’t forget.  As Melody builds a new life, fame and fortune accompany her - but so does a darkness from her past that threatens her very existence.  Circumstances - or is it God - brings James back into her life, just as that life is about to explode..


What an interesting mix of romance, suspense and inspiration!  Ms. Bridgeman gracefully succeeds in melding a multi-layered story with a subtle message of faith.  That message is never hammered but quietly weaves throughout, just enough to intrigue and encourage. The everyday explanations of the mundane aren’t really needed and do tend to get tedious.  However, the suspense aspect does a very fine job of starting with a jolt, then building gradually.  The novel does slip into the realm of cliché and ends on a slightly clumsy note with the villain becoming almost a caricature.  Still, the romance is wonderful, the situations are well thought-out and executed with flair.  Overall,  it’s an engrossing page turner that keeps the reader enthralled while leaving them enriched!


Ruth Lynn Ritter