Love's Sweet Return (Keepers of the Light, #1)

Krystal M.

HISTORICAL:  Charlotte Pullard did not expect to survive the terrible storm that wrecks her ship off the Oregon coast. Yet, she does, saved by the one man she thought lost forever. Maxwell Tucker never thought his isolated existence as a lighthouse keeper would be interrupted by the one woman who still holds his heart. They are brought together again, surrounded by ocean beauty and the peace of the lighthouse. Can love take root or will family obligations and differing statuses stand between the pair once again?

A sweet historical romance, “Love’s Sweet Return” has a magical quality that sucks the reader in and makes them care about Charlotte and Maxwell despite the short length and predictable happy ending. A straightforward tale, the minor conflict is centered mostly on feelings that were left without resolution prior to their separation before the book begins, and this story deals with what they really want in life and whether that future includes one another. While the plot isn’t unique, and the antagonists are unremarkable and easily overcome the descriptions of the lighthouse and coast are vivid and for some inexplicable reason this book has that spark that makes the reader want to read the next book, right away! Truly, this book is proof that the story does not have to be complex or surprising to be perfectly warmhearted and enjoyable!

Sarah E Bradley