Love Everlasting (Isle of Hope #2)


Shannon O’Bryen is committed to remaining single.   She got burned once in college by a player and is  not about to let that happen again. Sam Cunningham is a notorious player and exactly the type of person Shannon wants to avoid, until the night he gets blind drunk and she is asked to take him home.  He is having troubles with his ex-girlfriend and thinks Shannon can help him win her back, which she adamantly refuses. When Sam discovers Shannon is a romance novel ghostwriter he tries to blackmail her into helping him and an unwitting friendship ensues. As Shannon teaches Sam about faith, will she also be able to teach him about love? 

"Love Everlasting" is a heartwarming story that will inspire the reader long after they put the book down. It is an inspirational tale — very well written with the spiritual aspect of the story nicely balanced.  The main character is a writer and uses the romance she is experiencing to write the story being told. It is poetic to have a writer as a character in a story and the growth the characters went through is exponential. Overall, this book will leave the reader feeling hopeful and encouraged.

Jessica Samuelsen