Leveraging Lincoln

Stephenia H.

HISTORICAL:  After four years of war reaps havoc on the South, a conspiracy arises to change history and the Presidency. As she struggles to survive the machinations of her step-mother’s family, Annabelle Ross finds herself caught in the conspiracy when she attempts to deliver a message for a dying man and send one of her own. Matthew Daniel’s only thought is to rescue his brother from the Union prison camps, and falls prey to the conspiracy himself. Thrust together, Matthew and Annabelle are both keeping secrets and trying to protect their family and home, but with the plot to capture Lincoln coming to a head, they may be the only ones who can protect one another and save the nation.


A historical romance set during the conclusion of the Civil War and the time around Lincoln’s assassination, “Leveraging Lincoln” is a whirlwind adventure full of action, secrets, plots, romance, family drama, and more! Annabelle is the type of character who chafes under the time period’s restrictions, and yet she often fails to stick to her own ideas. Matthew is an honorable man trying to protect both Annabelle and his brother and seems to blindly trust others, often where he shouldn’t. While the plot is interesting and the quick pace keeps the story moving, the main characters seem to come off more as side characters than leads. Still, the romance slowly builds and the action keeps the reader interested. Overall, this story suffers only from its failure to resolve in one book.


Sarah E. Bradley