A Legacy of Lies

Stephenia H.
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Sarah Sanders knew she needed a break after a grueling semester of medical school. So when her boyfriend Clark asks her to go to his family’s ranch during summer break and a cattle drive, it sounds perfect! She finds peace at the ranch but as she prays for wisdom, she has a nagging feeling she is leading Clark on especially since she feels so attracted to Jim, a farm hand on the ranch.

Jim Anderson just wanted to get away from everything and start his life over. He knows he disappointed his cruel and ambitious father when he didn’t want to go into a prestigious profession. He even changed his name when he came to work on the cattle ranch to escape his father’s scrutiny. This seemed the answer to his dreams, everything was so simple here. Then on the cattle drive things begin to get complicated as he notices and is slowly drawn to Sarah. But can he really get away from his past?

Stephenia McGee takes a beautiful love story and weaves in just enough deception and greed to draw the reader in!  Sara and Jim are wonderfully sympathetic characters who simply want some one to love and yet their lives are complicated by their pasts, especially by Jim’s greedy father. As a special treat, McGee paints an amazing portrait of a cattle drive with descriptions so real, the reader will actually fear for the lives of the characters and the animals!

Rose Mary Espinoza