The Lawman's Love (Baxter Homestead #3)


HISTORICAL:  Nicolette Carpenter is about to lose her family’s hotel. The bank is going to foreclose in a few days, and with only a single room let, Nicolette is running out of options — until a handsome lawman arrives in town. Malachi is hunting an outlaw; he comes to the Good Comfort Hotel for a rare chance to sleep in a real bed while he searches for the criminal. With an evil villain in town the last thing either of them expects is to find love, but as the danger increases, so does the attraction between the lawman and hotel proprietress.  Confident the lawman will catch his target, Nicolette has only one concern in the end: will Malachi move on? She’ll be left behind without a hotel, so is it worth it to risk her heart?

A historical romance, “The Lawman's Love” is the third book in “A Baxter Homestead Romance” series. As the plot heavily involves characters from previous books, this series should be read in order. Although the story is predictable and unoriginal, it is cute and clean, has interesting side characters, and a smooth flow. Nicolette and Malachi make a believable couple and the romance is well developed so that readers will look forward to seeing them again in later books.  Overall, this is a light historical story fans will enjoy.

Sarah E Bradley