Kisses Between the Lines: An Echo Ridge Anthology (Echo Ridge #2)

Rachelle Christensen, Cami Checketts, Lucy McConnell,
Heather Tullis, Connie Sokol

This anthology is full of fun and romance as it follows the residents of a small town called Echo Ridge. The library board is putting on a Harvest Hurrah fundraiser and each story revolves around this town event, yet comes from the perspective of a different member of the library board. From preparation snafus to guest-author antics, this anthology highlights the power of words and how books can change a life when sprinkled with love.


Each novella is filled with charm and while the over-arching theme centers on the head librarian and her library board, there are several town residents that add a three- dimensional element. The description and setting make it easy to be drawn in and readers will feel as if they could be best friends with those who live in Echo Ridge. The authors use a clever writing device in making the background event of the Harvest Hurrah feel familiar, yet each story is unique and will keep readers turning pages to see how the library fundraiser looked through the eyes of several different people. Each character had a complex backstory that was well-developed, which can sometimes be hard to pull off in a novella, and although the pacing dragged in some of the stories, overall readers won’t be disappointed or left hanging---there was just the right amount of drama and sweet romance that will make readers fall in love with the people of Echo Ridge. 


Kate Campbell