The King of Anavrea (Theodoric Saga #2)


FANTASY:  Ireic Theodoric, the current King, never wanted to be and in fact, wasn't even the  eldest son. But his council (all of whom seem to think they run the country) wouldn’t have accepted his brother, so he took over. After contracting for a wife from a neighboring country, he soon finds his bride Lirth is not what he was led to believe. But with her strength, even after being tortured, he decides to keep her, and take on his council to put them into their proper place. Nothing goes right, and soon, they’re fighting for their lives.


Set on another world, where kingdoms have tenuous relationships with each other, this is the second story in the series. Able to convey all the previous happenings without dumping or losing readers, it begins with Ireic agreeing to take a bride. Lirth is blind, but has adapted unbelievably well, able to easily memorize furniture arrangements and recognize where and how someone is standing. The story, at its base, is that of a growing love, built on admiration and respect, in a place where women have less than no say over things. They are a remarkable couple, not nearly perfect, but strong where the other is weak, and willing to compromise and learn. Although using different terminology, Lirth’s religion is based on Christianity, and plays a large part in their story, though magic is integral as well. The kingdom they’re in is a fabulous mix of recognizable and new, making their world something incredible to read; yet the reader will be most moved by their absolute dedication to an arranged marriage, each other, and the deep love that grows quickly.


Julie York