Keeping Christmas (Rodeo Romance #7)


The last thing on Tally King’s mind is romance, but when Gage Taggart walks back into her life, Tally’s heart skips a beat.  Gage, a professional bareback rodeo star, is a man who thrives on his nomadic lifestyle, with no thoughts of settling down.  When both Tally’s brother Trevor and Gage are injured in an accident, Tally takes on the task of nursing the two back to health.  It is during this time, that both Tally and Gage begin to wonder if maybe they have been wrong about love and one another.  The more time they spend together the harder it is to deny what is building between them.  But with a promise that Gage is unwilling to break and Tally doubting her self-worth, the two must decide if love is even worth the risk.

“Keeping Christmas” delivers an enjoyably sweet romance readers will want to curl up with on a cold winter’s day.  From the first interaction between Tally and Gage, one may guess where these characters journey will end up, but the stops along the way keep the plot interesting, even if still slightly predictable.  Although Tally is a main character that most will enjoy getting to know, the constant reminder of her appearance and her insecurities about it, takes away a great deal of this character’s likability.  On the surface Gage appears to be the typical, good looking, love interest, however Ms. Hatfield digs a little deeper to give him a little more substance.  Readers who enjoy a good rodeo and the cowboys who come with it, will want to pick up the book and dive right into this romance.

Amy Cefoldo