Just Maybe (Home In You Book 3)


Cooper Anderson is a billionaire who was just given a baby boy named Brayden. Cooper had no idea he was a father, and the mother was killed in a car accident. He is a busy man, getting ready to move to Indonesia. How can he care for a baby? Luckily, Quinn Thompson shows up at his door and takes the nanny position.  This helps while he tries to find a family to adopt Brayden. However, little does Cooper know that Quinn is actually a journalist writing an article on Cooper in order to save her job. Quinn starts to fall for Cooper and discovers there is a pain hidden inside him. How can she convince Cooper not to run away and be a father to his son?

This story really pulls on the heartstrings. Both Cooper and Quinn have dealt with a painful tragedy. Cooper is laid back and successful, however due to past loss, he questions his ability to be a good father. Quinn has experienced pain in a different way and strives to prove herself. They are both strong and well-developed characters. The only downside is that the pacing was a bit slow. Watching Quinn and Cooper try to break down each other’s walls, without success, became quite tedious. However, it was heart-wrenching to watch Cooper fall in love with his son but still try to give him up. Readers will find themselves waiting and hoping for Cooper to make the right decision.

Amanda Hupe