An Informal Christmas


Rylie Durham’s work as a Child Life Specialist in a pediatric hospital is more than a job…it’s her life. She feels passionately about the welfare of “her kids” and their families, and will stop at nothing to bring joy into their lives at every turn. She relies on her faith in God to show her how best to achieve that, even when the business side of hospitals doesn’t align with the well-being of its patients. When Zach York arrives on her floor, bearing gifts, she recognizes all the signs of a man in despair. What is he hiding? What’s compelling him to help spread a little sunshine to her young patients? Is it just the need to help or is some other desire edging him onward? 


This heart-achingly sweet, but delightful inspirational novel engages from page one! While visiting the heartbreak of children of all ages fighting for their lives in oncology centers in two different hemispheres, and the families who love them, the author also touches on the heroes behind the doctors. One such group is the specialists fighting for crumbs in the distribution of hospital funding, all in hopes of bringing a little joy, a few smiles, and laughter to sick children. It’s an important reminder that anyone can be called to help, and that everyone can make a difference. Rylie’s character grated at first but eventually grew wittier and less caustic towards Zach. With an original and nicely-developed plot, well-rounded characters, and clean writing, this is a highly recommended story for readers from ten to one hundred.

Lori Leger