An Informal Arrangement (Informal Romance #2)


Maddie Smith grew up in a foster care system that left scars on her soul. She doesn’t believe in God anymore and throws herself into her job as an ICU nurse. That’s all she has in her life, until she meets Holden Jenkins. His world has just been turned upside down and he is dealing with an unexpected illness that may prevent him from walking again. When Holden is facing impossible odds, Maddie steps up to help him, personally and professionally. But will his faith in God push them together, and heal their wounds, or pull them apart?


This inspirational romance deals with the reality of discouragement and how difficult it is to keep the faith when the road gets hard. Maddie is a complex character who has many scars from the past and her journey is believable as she comes to terms with where she stands with God. Holden is a hero facing a mountain of challenges and he deals with them in a realistic way, but at times, his preaching felt redundant and may make it difficult for readers to connect with him. The author obviously knows a lot about nursing and the illness Holden contracts, but the story pacing is slowed down with too many details that don’t really add to the story. There was a small bit of office intrigue that readers will enjoy trying to solve along with the characters, but it is the threads of forgiveness, love, and faith that make this book memorable.


Kate Campbell