That Impossible Dream (Decisions #2)

Shirley Kiger

HISTORICAL:  Geraldine Jordan is alone.  Her great aunt Louisa has passed away, and she has lost her closest companion.  She has one thing left to look forward to, however:  Auntie had arranged a marriage for her before she died, and she is hoping it will be to Alistair McKenna - a man she has been in love with most of her life.  


If Aunt Louisa was her champion, Uncle Henry is her nemesis.  He has always believed the worst of his niece and he set outs to block her betrothal by treating Geraldine as a common servant, and rather than seeing her married, he hires her out to the same family as a governess.  Can Geraldine and Alastair overcome the misunderstandings and obstacles barring their way?  Will their faith in God be enough to get them through?


Set roughly ten years after "Say Goodbye to Yesterday", readers of Ms. Connolly's previous work will welcome the chance to see how one of Annabelle's daughters fares as an adult.  New readers, however, shouldn't have trouble following this installment.  


”That Impossible Dream” is a tender tale of a young woman with no prospects in life finding love where she least expects it.  The romance has lots of ups and downs, with just the right amount of angst. Readers will root for Geraldine to find true love at last, and for Alistair to finally act on his feelings after years of waiting.  A truly great read!


Victoria Z. Burg