An Imperfect Promise (Abiding Love #1)


This story is set in 1902 where Gini, a dressmaker, and her sister Esther, both run an orphanage right outside of the small town of Albertville, Nebraska. Their home lies next to Martha and Dallas’ ranch where Gini exchanges eggs for milk every day to feed the orphan children. Gini and Esther, former orphans themselves, are set in place to manage the home and try to find homes for the children. oOne day, Dallas gets hurt and his wife Martha writes to her brother, John, to come to the ranch, as he is set to inherit it. When John arrives he meets Gini as she is leaving eggs in the kitchen and the attraction is immediate. Then weird things start to happen on his ranch and at the orphanage. Fires suddenly appear, the stream disappears, and cattle are there one minute and gone the next. There are also mysterious people hanging around. Even the sheriff in town is puzzled. Then dangers increase to where Gini herself disappears and is nowhere to be found. Will John find Gini before it is too late?

This lovely romantic western story takes readers back to a time when morals and manners were very important and people were expected to behave according to religious rules. At times the story is slowed down by the inability of John to voice his thoughts about crucial matters but in the end, readers will finally learn about the secret history of John’s ranch and whether Gini will be all right. Readers will thoroughly enjoy the ending to this book.

Jodi Martines