I’ll Settle for Love (The Trampled Rose #3)

Michelle Lynn

Leanne grew up in a family devoid of love, belittled and abused. Mike McKinley fell head over heels for the demure girl at school, and has been trying his best to give her the love she lacked. Mike and Leanne thought their love would solve all the problems in their marriage, but seven years later cracks are appearing, and their love might not be enough to fix them. When their daughter is diagnosed with autism, they are forced to find a new foundation for their marriage, to reexamine themselves, and to realize that the person they married might not be who they thought they were.


A fantastic contemporary Christian read! “I’ll Settle for Love” examines an established relationship with problems at its base. The truth is being hidden on one side. The other sees someone who doesn’t exist, and both are thrown a further curve by their daughter’s autism. The Christian themes are strong without straying from the plot, and the focus is mainly on building or rebuilding a solid relationship, which is steady throughout the book. Serious and darker themes are addressed appropriately and with emotion that will suck the reader in, and make one want to cheer for Leanne and Mike as they figure things out. Readers might note that due to the nature of Leanne’s abuse, the steam is high without being sensual. Overall, a wonderful read for those looking for a romance focused on making a marriage last and not just the initial falling in love. Highly recommended!  


Sarah E Bradley