Honor: Second Novel of Rhynan


FANTASY:  Lord Dentin has no illusions. He may be the second most respected man in Rhynan, but he also knows he is probably the most hated. It may not be the kind of notoriety he hoped for, but it helps him do what is needed—namely, upholding the law and protecting the innocent. That used to be enough - more than enough, until he met Elsa Reeve. Now, his life and cause have suddenly lost their savor.

Elsa Reeve is a disappointment. Her mother and brother would be the first to tell you. She always speaks her mind, could care less about pretense, and definitely doesn’t want any part of their schemes. But what choice does she have? Her life is not her own. She’s the second daughter of a man who’s lost all of his money rescuing a thankless wastrel of a son. Elsa is at the mercy of the man with the highest bid

Elsa’s got moxie and spunk, and Lord Dentin has honor and compassion. For “Honor” it’s a recipe for a beautiful story of love, sacrifice, and . . . honor! Ms. Rossano does an impeccable job submersing the reader in her world, introducing full-bodied characters, a fantastical plot, and three-dimensional scenery. This dual-perspective tale satisfies from beginning to end, entreating the reader to turn just one more page, and then one more page, until they find themselves at a contented happy end. Aaah.

Sofia St. Angeles